24th to 29th of May: seven days veg


24th to 29th of May: seven days veg

This nice initiative organized by “Essere animali” is a fun and easy way to try veganism for one week. During this week you can learn about your health, about vegan food and you can find compassion towards all animals.

The pillars of Veganism are three, and they all are very important: compassion towards all creatures, learning about your health, and reduce your carbon footprint. All of these three pillars are strictly connected to each other. For this reason, vegan week is a struggle for anyone who are craving to give up with animal-based foods and not only.

A vegan funny and easy challenge

Omnivorous could be astonished about how funny and easy is turning to a vegan diet for one week. You will realize how healthier could be this diet. You just have to avoid meat, poultry, seafood, dairy or eggs, and substitute them with vegetables and fruits. Your attempt to veganism may also persuade people to try the diet and feel the benefits.

But the funny thing is that it only concerns a week! There are many reasons why to go vegan at least for a week… First of all, you will prevent the exploitation and murder of animals; then this will contribute to enforce your health by eating foods which are plenty of proteins, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals (such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc..). Finally, going vegan for one week will provide your bodies many scientifically proven benefits, such as improving your bloodstream and restore oxygen in blood by detoxifying your bodies.

The beginning of the end

However, I think that moving towards a vegan diet is not only trying to be vegan for only 7/8 days. The point is that you have to convince yourself that this will be a lifelong and satisfying choice.

If you take your decision to split up with animal derived products, even by chance, don’t absolutely blame yourself! There may be a lesson you can learn and it is that switching to a vegan diet could be the starting point to embrace a new extraordinary lifestyle!

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