Carrot Kale Juice

Drinking juiced kale is one of the quickest ways to get all those nutrients and antioxidants into the body as the juice is quickly absorbed.
kale is native in Europe, where is has been cultived for many centuries as food for people as well as animals.
Greens  like kale are among the most highly nutritious vegetables. Kale is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, potassium, and iron. A cup of kale juice has more calcium than a cup ok milk.
As a member  of the cabbage family, kale exhibits the same sort of anticancer properties.
It is excellent source of carotenes and chlorophyll.
So, after reading all the benefits of kale i’m sure you will agree that including it in your diet through juicing is a very good idea!

5 carrots     3 kale leaves

For all my juices I use Kuvings, whole slow juicer, allows me to get juice from any fruit and green leaves preserving all the nutritional properties.

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