Switching From Meat-eater to Vegan

Many people are raised by society to enjoy animal-based products. Whether it is cheese, beef, chicken, or eggs, we as a society eat a lot of it. However, for those who want to go from meat-eater to vegan, how do they go about in doing so?

Many people don’t have a wide knowledge of nutrition, and many simply eliminate animal products without

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Vegan Coconut and Cocoa Energy balls 

Vegan coconut and cocoa energy balls 

The vegan world has totally changed my lifestyle, it has turned upside-down not only my personal diet, but every decision that concerns with the protection of the planet. In fact, being vegan means combining love for oneself with that for Nature and all living species.

The things we routinely do, such as wash our hair or using make up on our face, must begin with the awareness that it is important to use products with natural ingredients, that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

During these days I came across an online shop that I find particularly interesting in Mimosa Natural Cosmetics that mainly sells vegan cosmetics made only with green ingredients: from face masks, shampoos, lipsticks to face foundations and so on. In short, there is a plenty of choice websites, even for people like me with very sensitive skin.

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Vegan cosmetics: it’s a blast!

Vegan cosmetics: it’s a blast!

Vegan products are spreading up even in the cruelty free makeup market brands.

Every year the list continues to spread with the latest and newest brands.

There is a huge number of green and natural cosmetics, but also body and face lotions are becoming popular among vegans and not only.

You can shop the vegan and cruelty free products almost everywhere: from herbalist’s shops to online websites. There are arguably many popular vegan make up brands, which offer tones of choice of every kind makeup…

It is arguable that animal ingredients are cruel and unpleasant. There are so many cruelty-free brands you can find just surfing the web: it’s just up to you!

The world is changing….

Still many companies exploit animals for their business and many people are still ignoring that their cosmetics are made of animal derivatives, such as placenta-derived (collagen); elastin (from animal tissue); lanoline (wool grease). Some other examples are the cochineal, which is extracted from the body and the eggs of insects to make lipsticks and many other cosmetic products, or squalene, which is a compound that you can find in shark liver to make body lotions, as well as beef bone marrow and placenta. These last two animal derivatives are used to make hair products.

An immediate end…

Animals will soon stop suffering in the name of the entertainment and human exploitation. The ultimate goal is raising the awareness in all worldwide companies, which still exploit animal derivatives. The Web will certainly contribute to radically change this compromised system.

Today, news access and transparency leads to awareness about how cosmetics are produced. This influences every consumer to reflect, otherwise to ignore it all or to boycott the use of animal derived products. If so, the consumers will rationally opt for natural and cruelty-free products; indeed, the predominant choice is pretty obvious!

Italian Blog: http://www.natureatblog.com/cosmetici-vegan-boom/

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