Chicory risotto with almonds – Vegan Recipe

In the kitchen it is important to explore the dishes of distant lands, but often we feel the need to be overwhelmed by our own tradition and, in Italy, what could be more typical of a warm and creamy risotto? This recipe can be prepared with many ingredients, but here I propose it with a vegetable that contains a high quantity of water, therefore, it has purifying properties and is an excellent ally against

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Omelette with a soft cheese filling – Vegan Recipe

The omelette with a soft cheese filling is a totally vegan and incredibly tasty recipe, which can be a valid answer to those who ask how it is possible to follow a satisfactory diet and, at the same time, free of animal derivatives. This recipe is one of those able to win over anyone, even the most suspicious connoisseurs and I love to prepare it when I have non-vegan guests, in order to watch their curiosity, their amazement and their

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Switching From Meat-eater to Vegan

Many people are raised by society to enjoy animal-based products. Whether it is cheese, beef, chicken, or eggs, we as a society eat a lot of it. However, for those who want to go from meat-eater to vegan, how do they go about in doing so?

Many people don’t have a wide knowledge of nutrition, and many simply eliminate animal products without

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