Cavatelli: Traditional recipes from Puglia

Puglia’s cuisine is deeply steeped in the region’s agricultural tradition and an instinct for self-sufficiency. As such many of the most representative dishes have their origins in “cucina povera”, making use of whatever is at hand or that can be picked from the garden or even the hedgerow!  A classic example of this is Puglia’s signature dish is: capunti (or cavatelli)
Simple in the extreme but absolutely delicious!

Ingredients: 750g durum wheat semola flour, 250g finely ground semolina flour, water as required.
Make a pyramid of the flours, add water into a well at the top.
Mix then knead the dough until it is smooth and soft. Cover and leave to rest for a few minutes.
Pull off a piece at a time and working on a floured pastry-board, roll out ropes of pasta.

Cut off pieces 2-3 cm long and using your first three fingers, dig into the pieces lengthways until the edges roll back together.

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