Coldiretti: Romans aren’t sensitive to vegan diet

Coldiretti-tra-i-romani-il-vegan-non-attecchisceColdiretti: Romans aren’t sensitive to vegan diet

That is what Coldiretti claimed about the Italian region Lazio. The vegan diet doesn’t attract enough Romans. The reason might be that this area of Italy, according to tradition, has always claimed itself as a carnivore region.

Coldiretti claims that Romans, as well as the whole Lazio, find the vegan topic totally uninteresting, and that there is a little troubling eating vegan in Rome.

This sounds really strange, because nowadays the Internet users (and access to its news) are historically growing. Nonetheless, vegetarianism is viewed in different lights…

However, if surfing the net, it is possible to bump into dozens of vegan friendly fan pages and groups on social networks, such as Facebook and other search engines.

It looks like the last throw of the ice

We all know that in Italy and in whole Europe the vegan tendency is rapidly growing. More than 2000 people a day are embracing this lifestyle. Coldiretti reports that the numbers of vegans is not growing in Rome, even in Lazio. Are the recent data about the amount of vegetarians or vegans estimated by the Italian research institute correct?

Do vegans visiting the Ethernal City have to worry about the fact that Romans are unenthusiastic about the vegan trend?

If it is true that the meat market production is in recession, I think it wouldn’t be a difficult task to turn vegan even in Rome.

Almost the whole Italian “peninsula” respects a long duration carnivore tradition. I guess why in Rome vegans are sometimes left empty-handed. But, even though Rome is not known for being a heaven for vegans and vegetarians, you can survive as a vegan in this city. In fact, options are not limited and there is a wide range of restaurants and even pizzeria where you can go eating.

Remember: being vegan is living a lifestyle that does not cause suffering and it is not for fashion…

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