Hello everybody! As I promised, I am bringing you around with me to find the best vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in London.
Yesterday I went shopping, but I must admit, it is not something that drives me crazy. Going for shopping is more an occasion to find new shops and places where to eat my favourite food.
I often visit the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford: it is a large and great centre for a great day of shopping out of London. Finding the way to get toStratford shopping centre is very easy, since you can get the national rail or the bus.
So, yesterday I opted for having my lunch here. Amongst other eateries, I noticed Olive Oil & Oregano, which seemed to offer something different. It is a very nice grill house in Greek style. By far, I think this was a great choice.
The food was really quite special as you would find in a restaurant in ruralGreece. I had a “vegan pita” stuffed with courgettes, aubergines and tomatoes, all dressed with olive oil and some oregano. It was just about perfect!
I also drunk an orange juice, but I was disappointed about price. I paid 7,80 pounds including orange juice, which was too expensive.
All in all, I recommend Olive Oil & Oregano as a nice place to eat during a shopping trip. 

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