Spring is coming and with its arrival I need to reinvigorate myself from the
winter season.
Today I chose to enjoy an healthy and delicious ice green tea. I think its
colour in this picture I have taken is amazing. This flavourful beverage offers
many health benefits to anyone who drinks it regularly.
I really feel I am keeping my energy stable and I also feel more and more
energy and vigour in my body. It is recognized worldwide by nutritionist,
doctors, homeopaths and many other that this beverage is the healthiest of the
planet. It is also loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful
effects on the body. That is why I feel stronger and dynamic!
I am enjoying this glass of ice green tea, but in the winter season I drink it
hot. It always tastes good. To sweeten it I used natural herb stevia and
sometimes I put some drops of lemon juice!!! Mmmmmhhh… DELICIOUS!

Claudia Vinciguerra

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