Hi guys! Here it is a new long-awaited recipe.
For those who are skeptical about the delicious taste of vegan recipes, I would suggest to try making veg fig marmalade pie to enjoy a memorable dessert for its taste and genuineness. Trust me when I tell you, figs are very good to try in this pie.
After having harvested some figs from the tree in my garden, I was particularly inspired by. Before making this pie, I cooked a delicious marmalade.

For the filling:
Figs, lemon drops, coconut sugar, some sunflower seeds.
For the base:
250 g of whole wheat
124 ml of oat milk
5 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil
3 teaspoons of coconut sugar
2 teaspoons of potato starch
1 small plastic bag of cream of tartar or ½ spoon of bicarbonate
teaspoons of cinnamon powder
For the pie base let’s put together all the ingredients in a bin. Start assembling dusty ingredients as the whole wheat, potato starch, and sugar. Then, combine the pie pastry with all the other ingredients and mix well.
Knead the pastry as long as it is quite solid. Put it in the refrigerator for almost one hour.
Spread out the pastry in a baking tray leaving high sides as in the picture, to avoid marmalade to pour out.
Then, add just enough fig marmalade. I also add some raw figs just as a decorative element.
Bake it in a 180° oven for about 20 minutes.
Enjoy this tender figs marmalade pie!

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