Organic clothing


Organic clothing

Today everything is changing and who does not realize can consider himself a very inattentive person. I am amazed everyday about the unrest that animates milions of people around the world. This really makes me happier and more positive for future expectations.

It is called Terra Madre, the company that sells all natural and healthy organic clothing, definitely a tendency that goes against the biggest business brands. Nowadays, more and more people are more conscious rather than the past when they are buying clothes. A growing number of people avoid to purchase clothes made of animal parts.

We can no longer postpone, food, organic clothing etc …

We are at the point of no return. If we don’t change our production sistem, we won’t have much hope to see a great future.

That’s why companies like, Terra Madre, are proudly trying to propose an alternative to standardized products, that are firmly established and accepted by the consumers. It is certainly not so easy to fight against a mass system, strenghten by imposed and irreversible rules.

Organic products are the only best solution.

Organic producs are increasingly in demand, although it remains always the uncertainty of their authenticity. In my opinion, I think it’s necessary an international certification based on certain criteria that should establish the authenticy of each products. I have never seen any kind of certification on goods that I generally buy in London.

Luckily, the majority of manufactures, whether food or organic clothing, are behaving correctly and they offer high quality products. In most cases, these people are motivated for ethical reasons, before money. This can be in many cases a good warranty.

So, welcome to organic products, whether on table or on wardrobes!

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