Pret A manger London: organic and natural vegan shop chain



Pret A manger London: organic and natural vegan shop chain

Pret A manger is a very well know British coffe shop chain, which sells freshly prepared, natural, good food.

Next opening in Soho, London, will be in June. What makes this exclusive franchising special, is their believing in honesty and sustainability.  In fact, Pret shows a strategic approach to reduce its impact on the invironment. Their food is farmed, harvested and delivered to them. For this reason and others, Pret has won awards from the  Compassion in World Farming, because of their amazing sustainability strategy.

Pret A Manger opened its door in 1986.

The next Pret in London will open its door only for six weeks, to consider if Londoners (and not) will be satisfied of Pret’s sustainable eating.

Clive Schlee, Pret’s manager, claims that Pret is a shop with a “mission”. A mission to create natural, handmade food, avoiding chemicals and additives.

Will it be a “natural” success?

In my opinion, I strongly believe that Pret will achieve its “goal”. Pret has continued growing since 1986, and nowadays there are more than 399 shops worldwide with their sustainable and ethical farming menues.

Italian link: Pret-a-manger London

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