Hello everybody! I hope you are enjoying your week.

Last week-end I had a delicious dinner in a South Indian vegetarian restaurant, called Rasa.
It is a place where to eat that I strongly recommend, not only because of a wide set of vegan food, but also because the place is very comfortable, well furnished and with a spiced smell fluttering in the air.
I took some pictures of what I have ordered.
Here you are two typical soups: one prepared with yogurt, banana and mango, the other prepared with onions and different kinds of vegetables. All was accompanied  with a special coco bread and with coco and tomatoes rice. Finally, I took a mango sorbet.
The food was outstanding. Everything I ordered was incredible great and I was very pleased with.
I was extremely happy with the meal I chose. The prices are also very reasonable. I will definitely going back.
I recommend you to make a reservation if you are pleased to eat at Rasa restaurant.
Here you are Rasa’s address:  Rasa :55 Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 OAR
Enjoy your Indian food and remember to share with me your culinary experience!

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