Tacos with Jackfruit Chili

Jackfruit chili tacos are a 100% plant-based alternative to the traditional Mexican recipe, very quick and easy to prepare. You only need three ingredients to make this dish: corn flour, wholemeal flour and water. Actually, the original version uses only corn flour, but I decided to experiment with an easier to work with dough that can really be prepared in a few minutes on days when we are short on time. A dough made only with cornmeal requires more attention and crumbles easily, so it is not simple to use for those who want to make tacos quickly (if you prefer, however, you can replace the whole wheat flour with other cornmeal).

A tasty and unusual choice

Crunchy wraps with a delicate flavour, hiding a tasty and special Jackfruit filling, to combine two revisited Mexican recipes in one amazing dish. Tacos can be filled in a thousand different ways and are suitable for dinners with several people: we can make different fillings and satisfy everyone’s needs and tastes. In my opinion, the filling with chilli is the tastiest and most particular choice, perfect even for those who usually eat meat (jackfruit, indeed, has an incredibly meat-like consistency and will surprise everyone). Recipes like this show how tasty, healthy and irresistible vegan cooking can be.

What would you make your tacos with?

Prep 10 min Cook 15 min Portion 4



  1. Mix in a bowl the cornflour, wholemeal flour and salt. Gradually add the lukewarm water, start to work with your hands, until you obtain a soft and homogeneous dough (if it is too wet, add more flour, otherwise more water). Leave the dough to rest in the fridge for about 20 minutes, covered with a clean cloth.
  2. When the time has elapsed, roll out the dough with a rolling pin until it is thin. Make circles of the size you prefer, either with the help of a round shape or simply with a knife.
  3. Now, arrange the dough circles between the slots of a baking rack, so that you get the typical shape of a tacos (watch the video to understand this step perfectly). Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ºC for 10-15 minutes or until the tacos are perfectly cooked and crunchy. Stuff with hot jackfruit chili and serve.


You can replace the Jackfruit Chili with any filling you like (e.g. sautéed seasonal vegetables).

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