Chickpea Flour and Broccoli Pancakes |Vegan Recipe

Chickpea flour and broccoli pancakes

This recipe is a wonderful start to your week! It is an excellent choice, both for lunch or even for dinner. It is high in protein and totally veggie (as all my recipes) and very easy to prepare.

These pancakes are excellent served both hot or cold, and it is an ideal dish you can made in no time if you want to surprise your friends! Another good thing is that this dish is all but predictable, since it is tasty as well as not very common.

So, you just have to take notes of ingredients and preparation method.

Serves: 4 people


  • 300 gr chickpea flour
  • 300 gr Fresh Broccoli
  • A cup of water
  • An onion
  • Black pepper (just enough)
  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
  • A cup of natural soy yoghurt
  • A pinch of salt
  • Parsley (just enough)
  • Lemon juice
  • 100 gr red savoy cabbage salad

Chickpea flour and curcuma powder can be find in any supermarket with no difficulty. They are popular ingredients in Indian and Middle Eastern food, so it is very easy to buy if you need them.

Preparation method:

  • Combine cold water with chickpea flour in a container;
  • Wash and drain broccoli and the onion. Mix them up in a food processor or in a blender;
  • Add some turmeric, some black pepper, salt and parsley in the mixture. Continue mincing it;
  • Add the vegetables to chickpea flour
  • Eventually add some extra virgin olive oil to the mixture;
  • Heat a non – stick pan. Pour a spoonful of pancake batter into the pan and spread it to form a pancake (exactly as sweet pancakes);
  • Chop up finely red savoy cabbage salad and flavour it with some salt. Let it stand for 30 about minutes.

Cook your pancakes for around 2 minutes on medium heat. Cook the other side for a while. When you finish cooking, let them chill. Garnish them with some yoghurt and seasoned red cabbage salad (as side dish).

Enjoy this delicious yummy recipe! ♥


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VegFest 2016


VegFest UK – 22nd 23rd October 2016

Further vegan festival is coming up in London, as usual. I took part last year and it was such an amazing experience all about going vegan.

VeganFest UK is one of the biggest and greatest vegan fest in Europe and gives the opportunity to people to meet each other and share their passion for vegan food and not only. Attending the festival there will be this year new extraordinary chefs; stalls; and vegan activists dealing with the topic of going vegan!

A shelter for everyone

VeganFestUK is really for everybody. It’s a great occasion you won’t miss to know about the vegan world and finding inspiration for the future.

Vegans and not are expected to take part to this incredible festival during these two days vegan full immersion. Programs consist of full information of stalls, Vegan activists summit, food & drinks and much more. Consider this festival as a space for open-minded and vegan friendly people, as well.

Take care of yourself!

So, if you’re in London or around for holidays or for job, don’t miss these 2 days festival. This will be an extraordinary occasion to come across new sensational experiences in a very sparkling and friendly atmosphere. You can eat, socialize, chat, have fun, and learn about ethical and healthy lifestyle choice.

It’s the right occasion also for those who are a bit curious about vegan lifestyles, or just want to eat and relax for 2 days long in a very relaxing place.

Come to the extraordinary setting of Olympia London (22nd-23rd October) or in Brigton (Mar 11th 12th 2017) and Bristol (May 20th 21st 2017).

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Rising of veganism in the UK

Vegan_in_rapida_crescita_in_InghilterraRising of veganism in the UK

In the latest years, the vegan society in the UK has rapidly grown. People who claim themselves to be vegan go between the age of 15 to 65. It’s a very priding decision, since going vegan means that you get healthier, you can lose weight, and contribute making the world a better place. Going vegan means healthier, happier people!

So, switching to a vegan diet can accomplish all these goals. Thanks to the contribution of people, in the UK, many vegan shops and restaurants have opened their doors.

Why go vegan?

The main reason is the ethical choice, even if more and more people are turning to a vegan diet for health benefits. Media have also recently discussed about the health benefits of going vegan, saying that there exist many scientifically proven benefits to living a vegan life.

For ages, the production (and the consumption) of meat and other animal products has had a very heavy burden on the environment of our planet. The hope for the future is avoiding animal products and adopt a more sustainable way of living!

Green London

The capital city of the UK can be considered as the hearth of this change. There are plenty of choices in London if you are vegan: from supermarkets, to restaurants, to pubs, and many other health-shops. Suitable places where to eat or buy vegan (or vegetarian) food are growing in number in this city.

London and other cities in the UK are faster growing and it is easier than the past to find vegan friendly areas wherever in the cities. It’s easy to find where to have an healthy dining and to find restaurants, shops, supermarkets and so on which are exclusively vegan!

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