Delicious Orange Cream |Vegan Recipe

Delicious Orange Cream |Vegan Recipe

The alarm clock rings at seven, as usual and I am having breakfast with orange juice, coffee and some biscuits. Suddenly I give a fleeting glance out my window while pampering my sweetie cat, Noir.

It’s a nice day, one of those that makes you wish were somewhere else, among the sea, the mountains, and the Nature. I am very busy in these days, full of news and expectations. The Sun fills my soul with emotions while I am walking to Dalston, a buzzing green area, a heart that beats. It is not a holiday attraction therefore I suggest you to spend some free time in this location.

Here, there is an open-air fruit and vegetables market that I really love. It is located right next to the small Poundland and Kingslandstation in Dalston. Products are daily cheaply sold among people who are speaking loudly, singing and smiling. I completely recharge myself with good vibes & positive energy.

I will to buy the required ingredients for this kind of dessert that I am going to prepare: orange cream, covered with toasted hazelnuts and fresh fruits. A mix of flavours that will bring you the zest of Summer flavours in your taste buds!

The recipe

Ingredients for 2-3 people:

  • 230 ml freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • 10 g potato starch;
  • 50 g raw cane sugar;
  • 5 g liquid bio vanilla;
  • Some strawberries;
  • Toasted and finely minced hazelnuts.


  1. Pour into a sauce pan (fire must be off) sugar and potato starch. Stir and mix well all;
  2. Place the sauce pan over a medium heat, then pour orange juice. Don’t stop stirring to avoid lumps;
  3. Add vanilla and simmer until cream has thickened;
  4. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it cool;
  5. Stuff cream with toasted hazelnuts and strawberries.

My advice…

  • This cream is excellent for filling cakes and pies;
  • You can use maple or agave syrup instead of sugar;
  • It is a great snack for children and even adults, a healthy dessert, they are simple enough for anyone to make!



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