Veggietown: the healthiest area in Paris


Veggietown: the healthiest area in Paris


Everybody knows that the capital city of France is famous for its incredible innovations, excesses and lavishness.

The newest thing is the creation of an healthy, organic area settled in the 10th arrondisement (district) of Paris. This area is completely dedicated to vegan lifestyle, due to the presence of little canteens, restaurants, pubs etc, in perfect veggie style.

In the last years, France has become more “veggie” and it seems that is has finally set to embrace veganism.

Not only escargot!

What’s going new is that Paris is turning into more vegan than in the past. Usually, when we think about French cuisine, we find it’s not exactly painted as a vegan one. France is recognized worldwide for its incredible champagne wines; ham and cheese and filled cuisine. No wonder if vegans find themselves in deep water when looking for vegan restaurants where eating in this city!

The only answer is Veggietown, the healthiest new neighborhood in the French capital city. In this area being vegan is not that difficult. You can walk in this area with no worry of starving, for here there are lots of great vegan restaurants.

The French veggie Revolution

At Veggietown you can enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience. Restaurants of this area offer a wide variety of food: from fruits, to vegetables and many other vegan based options.

Even if you’re extremely unlikely to find a vegetarian-friendly main course or even a side dish in France if you stop at Veggietown tofu, seitan and other veggies cant’ be missed!

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