Vegan fried chicken in London

Vegan fried chicken in London

The latest news which comes from the British capital is about 100% first entirely veggie fried chicken shop.

In fact, in January 2017, says Rebecca McGuinness, one of the founder of Temple of Seitan, London will finally open its first all vegan fried chicken shops, serving fried seasoned seitan instead of chicken meat.

Even if it sounds a little strange to call it “fried chicken”, you will notice that seitan is very tasty and can be appreciated by anyone (vegans and not).

So, vegans will be very soon able to taste their “fried chicken” together with carnivores, because their dream is coming true with these next opening shops.


However, as name suggests, Temple of Seitan will use seitan instead of real chicken meat for its dishes. Seitan is, for those who ignore it, a meat-substitute made from wheat powder. So, in order to come near, as much as possible, to the flavors of meat, chefs will season it with different seasonings (salt, pepper, sauces…) and finally they will all fry it.


This city is rapidly getting vegan as days pass. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops, pubs and moreover where going eat vegan. It is very easy being vegan in London!

Temple of Seitan will be a great reference point for the vegan community and not only. The UK is very lucky to make it possible this new brand is already plenty of fans, who are going crazy for its crispy veggie flavours!

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The Bunyadi: London’s vegan naked restaurant!

Bunyadi-il-vegan-nudismo-nuovo-ristorante-a-LondraThe Bunyadi: London’s vegan naked restaurant!

Everybody’s naked at The Bunyadi vegan restaurant in London. 37, 538 are in the waiting list for tickets. I guess if they are all nudist.

This June the first London’s vegan naked restaurant will be introduced with its clothing optional: to be or not naked will be your own choice!

Bunyadi: remove your clothing or not

Sebastian Lyall, the founder of the pop-up company Lollipop, declared that if you want to eat natural healthy food and you feel to remove your clothing while eating, you are free to do it at Bunyadi! The key concept of this restaurant is “using clean food, naked food”, as Lyall claimed. Food they use is home-made, genuine and they avoid plastic and metal. Moreover, they don’t use gas or electricity.

The concept of this restaurant is not that bad, and it is confirmed by the incredible number of people in the waiting list for tickets. I wonder if a restaurant such Bunyadi would never open in Italy. It would not work, in my opinion, since the Italians always want to be fashionable and always bring their mobiles while eating. At Bunyadi they claim they are bothered by people on their phones while eating. In fact, you can’t bring any technological device with you!

Healthy food, naked food

The Bunyadi offers vegan and non-vegan food, made with all natural ingredients and innovative cooking methods. Even cutlery are edible and food is served on clay dishes. That’s maybe why the number of reservations is rising rapidly.

The Bunyadi also promises to offer a total natural dining experience… So, I think if you come to London you just have to try eating at this incredible restaurant, opening in June only for three months!

Finally, I think this innovative cool idea could not be stand in a country such Italy. That’s why maybe this restaurant is expected to be the coolest in a cosmopolitan city, such London.

So, if you want to naked while getting dinner in London, come and enjoy this experience of true liberation at Bunyadi.

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