Vegan Ice Cream Passion

Vegan Ice Cream Passion

With the arrival of the warm season, it’s impossible not to fall into the sweet temptation of a fresh cup of homemade ice cream.

After all, ice cream is one of the best known product that symbolizes the Italian tradition throughout the world, to the point of classifying its most illustrious leaders as masters in the art of ice cream.

In short, ice cream is a really loved frozen food, which all people of all ages enjoy and that can be considered as an integral part of everybody’s most fond childhood memories.

A new tendency

It is worthless to say that is not easy to give up ice cream for those who embrace a new philosophical cruelty free lifestyle. The exponential increase of the vegan community, especially among the youngest generations, has imposed, however, a new trend.

Hence the 2017 is definitely the era of “vegan ice cream passion”, since the art of ice-cream parlour has evolved beyond the classic soy ice cream, so far the only common alternative to milk. For this and other reasons, new tasty and delicious ice-cream varieties have been introduced.

So, let’s go wild with new ice-cream tastes, not only made by fruits, but also with more varied zest choices, with more attention to its raw ingredients.

Have a taste of….

It is needless to say that the challenge is also open to those who are sceptical or who will simply need to taste new ice cream trends, trying from the latest fashion of pistachio ice cream, made with delicious coconut milk to the magic of black chocolate.

And what about the new almond milk flour? The sweetness of this delicious nut creates a perfect combination with peaches, strawberries, cherries, and all kinds of Western or tropical fruits.

Don’t even miss packaged ice cream, like the latest vegan version of “Cornetto” Algida or the delicious irresistible ice cream bowls to share with family or friends.

If you are in London….

If you are in London I recommend you to visit Yorika, which is located in the central area of the City. Yorika offers dairy free, soy free, nut and egg-free ice-creams. A place where you can come and feel free to order anything despite allergies, intolerances, food choices or feeling guilty.



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Are you looking for a great vegan restaurant in the city of London? Well, it is known that this city has been long time named as “veggie” capital, and this means it offers lots of amazing first – rate options for those avoiding meat & fish.

I have picked out for you three of the best vegan restaurants in London with friendly service in a lovely atmosphere, where food is flavoursome and the city will be proud of for sure.

Here there is a list of meat – free best restaurants for dining in London:

 222 Veggie Vegan

The very first one I would propose is 222 Veggie Vegan, because of its trendy and ethical menu choice. Basically, they have eliminated from their menus any traces of salt and vegetable fats. This cosy little place offers lunch buffet and dinner à la carte, and for those who are too lazy… home delivery! All dishes are prepared naturally and healthy, of course.


Mildreds is home for anyone: vegans, vegetarians or even omnivorous are welcomed. This restaurant serves international veggie dishes from all over the world. Food is always fresh, appetizing and organic. They do all their best to make their clients feel like at home while dining.

 Vantra Vitao

It is worth to spend few words about this astonishing incomparable organic café. It offers a wide range of salads, hot dishes and raw food. This café serves truly vegan and very healthy food, mainly raw and natural. So, if you are on diet or you would lose weight you must try it!

 As they say, enjoy these three great vegan restaurants, full of vegan healthy options (even raw food) in the most populated city of the world! Everyone is going vegan now than even before and veganism is a growing lifestyle all around the London community.

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Vegan cosmetics: it’s a blast!

Vegan cosmetics: it’s a blast!

Vegan products are spreading up even in the cruelty free makeup market brands.

Every year the list continues to spread with the latest and newest brands.

There is a huge number of green and natural cosmetics, but also body and face lotions are becoming popular among vegans and not only.

You can shop the vegan and cruelty free products almost everywhere: from herbalist’s shops to online websites. There are arguably many popular vegan make up brands, which offer tones of choice of every kind makeup…

It is arguable that animal ingredients are cruel and unpleasant. There are so many cruelty-free brands you can find just surfing the web: it’s just up to you!

The world is changing….

Still many companies exploit animals for their business and many people are still ignoring that their cosmetics are made of animal derivatives, such as placenta-derived (collagen); elastin (from animal tissue); lanoline (wool grease). Some other examples are the cochineal, which is extracted from the body and the eggs of insects to make lipsticks and many other cosmetic products, or squalene, which is a compound that you can find in shark liver to make body lotions, as well as beef bone marrow and placenta. These last two animal derivatives are used to make hair products.

An immediate end…

Animals will soon stop suffering in the name of the entertainment and human exploitation. The ultimate goal is raising the awareness in all worldwide companies, which still exploit animal derivatives. The Web will certainly contribute to radically change this compromised system.

Today, news access and transparency leads to awareness about how cosmetics are produced. This influences every consumer to reflect, otherwise to ignore it all or to boycott the use of animal derived products. If so, the consumers will rationally opt for natural and cruelty-free products; indeed, the predominant choice is pretty obvious!

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