Pappardelle with cream, peas and mushrooms

Pappardelle with cream, peas and mushrooms

We can consider it as the main course of Sunday lunch, fanciful and tasty, a good dish thanks to the combination of simple elements usually you used in the kitchen.
Anyway this First course is vegan, Indeed, I only used ingredients compatible with the philosophy, pasta without eggs and plant-based cream, the result is unbelievable.

Ingredients for 3 people:

350 gr  pappardelle
200 gr mushrooms
150 gr peas
soy cream
50 gr vegetal butter

1 vegetables stock cube (it would be better homemade)

Choose a pasta that does not disintegrate ad a result of cooking to drain al dente, so that you can taste It better.


Brown the onion with the butter and a bit of olive oil in a Pan
Add the mushrooms cut finely enough
Then add the Frozen peas
Cook the whole thing over a low flame for about ten minutes
In the meantime Cook the pasta and add the  stock cube
Add the cream to the mix of peas and mushrooms and simmer
When you are ready to drain the pasta took a Little of cooking water and add It to the sauce
Let them Cook while you drain the pasta
Pour the pasta in the pot and pour on It all the condiment
The density of all the flavour  mixed together are simply fantastic to taste, try and enjoy everybody.
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Are in the right mood for a delicious dish as an alternative to the usual pasta?

Here is a tasty and a very quick recipe to prepare by a dear friend of mine: Claudia Vinciguerra.

The dish is delicious, in fact it has been eaten in a blink of an eye, even before being photographed! I promise, I will take some pictures before eating it, next time!

Here you are Claudia’s recipe.


–       A package of seitan (preferably, the natural one);

–       A package of tofu (naturally tasted, as well);

–       Quinoa and bulgur cereals (precooked are also good);

–       Kamut (also precooked);

–       Some bay leaves;

–       Vegetable cream;

–       Grated bread;

–       Salt (just enough);

–       Pepper (just enough);

–       Curry and/or other spices, of your choosing;

–       Olive oil (just enough).



First of all, cook (in boiling and just enough salty water) some quinoa and bulgur together with seitan. All these ingredients (if precooked) have the same cooking time, that is around 10 minutes. A valid alternative to such cereals could be pearled barley. As the cereals are cooked, cut seitan and tofu into small chunks. Try to well drain the cereals (help yourself with a slotted spoon), Let them stand for few minutes in a bowl, adding some oil, some bay leaves, pepper and other spices. Put seitan and tofu in the mixture and try to well mix it up by adding some vegetable cream, as the mixture become uniform in colour and taste.

Cover a baking pan with a sheet of baking paper. Pour the mixture evenly in the pan. Then, sprinkle the pie with grated bread. You can garnish it with some drops of vegetable cream, if you prefer. Bake for about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Enjoy it!

(Photo from google)

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