Rice Chocolate Pudding – Vegan Recipes

Rice Chocolate Pudding – Vegan Recipes

It has ever happened to have a desire to make a dessert suddenly, going to open the cupboard and realizing that you do not have any flour for giving it up? This happens when you have a narrow view of what you can eat and little creative spirit. To tell the truth, a dessert can be prepared from the most unlikely ingredients and not only, as many believe, by combining some sugar, milk, eggs and flour.

For example, today I have prepared a more than usual delicious snack: a dense and soft rice chocolate pudding cooked in vegetable milk and flavored with lemon zest and vanilla extract. It is an easy and quick totally vegan recipe, which contains as a main ingredient a cereal that you could hardly have imagined to be put in a dessert.

Try it now and you will love it from its first taste!

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Vegan Nutella

Vegan Nutella

During last years the issue of palm oil has become quite popular. However, we may ask why is it so demonized among consumers around the world.

Palm oil is obtained by squeezing the pulp of oil palm fruit. It has a low cost and it is very versatile. Furthermore, it is tasteless, it can withstand high temperatures without turning rancid and slowly reaches the point of smoke: this oil is used in the production of food and it is contained in a huge number of cosmetics as a preservative and softener.

To be fully used, however, palm oil is refined and deprived of all healing properties: after different industrial processes it becomes a substance without benefits, enriched with carcinogens and toxic substances, and with an excess of saturated fats that might cause serious health problems.

Our Planet Earth is in danger!!

In addition, the industrial production of palm oil leads the planet Earth in serious danger. In tropical areas, for instance, deforestation is wide spreading. This involves the reduction of the oxygen and the destruction of the natural habitat of many endangered species. It would always be suitable, when you go to supermarkets, to check the labels and only buy “palm oil free” products, to safeguard our health and that of our Planet. Even more appropriate would be the self-made home production of daily and in long term food and products.

Today I am going to prepare one of my favorite guilty pleasures: home-made palm oil free vegan chocolate hazelnut spread!


  • 430g hazelnuts,
  • 3 table spoons powder chocolate;
  • 2-3 table spoons agave syrup;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • 1 tea spoon vanilla extract;


  1. Preheat oven to 180° and roast hazelnuts to approximately 10-15 minutes. (Until they become golden brown);
  2. Remove the skin of hazelnuts with the help of a kitchen cloth;
  3. Grind the nuts up to reduce them to powder;
  4. Continue to whisk until hazelnuts release their natural oils and the mixture becomes more creamy;
  5. Add cocoa, agave syrup, a pinch of salt salt and vanilla extract, then mix until you get a smooth, dense and homogeneous cream;
  6. Store in a cool dry place.

 My advices:

  • Add agave syrup with moderation, until the mixture reaches the consistency you prefer;
  • You can store it for about a week, because it does not contain preservatives;
  • To obtain a more intense flavor you can vary the recipe and replace the dark chocolate with cocoa;
  • Use it to prepare desserts, or spread it on a slice of bread covered with coconut flour!


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