Oat and Tofu Tiramisu -Vegan recipe

The Oat and Tofu Tiramisu is a quick and tasty preparation, which will revolutionise your days in a tasty, but
healthy way. Do you ever want something sweet, but don’t feel like baking a cake or wasting time with a
thousand ingredients? It happens to me all the time and, for this reason, I’m always looking for fast and
genuine alternatives to make delicious desserts for snacks and breakfasts, with few ingredients. The recipe
for this tiramisu is one of my favourites: it is simple, 100% plant-based and perfect even on special

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Switching From Meat-eater to Vegan

Many people are raised by society to enjoy animal-based products. Whether it is cheese, beef, chicken, or eggs, we as a society eat a lot of it. However, for those who want to go from meat-eater to vegan, how do they go about in doing so?

Many people don’t have a wide knowledge of nutrition, and many simply eliminate animal products without

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