Vegan Coleslaw

Vegan Coleslaw

In the past, a balanced healthy diet, which involved the consumption of organic food, was quite usual. During the Roman Empire, before the arrival of modern medicine, the Romans were addicted to use the cabbage as main source of healing. Cato largely discussed about the beneficial properties of this plant in his essays, praising the purifying and detoxifying features. Cabbage was used for headaches, stomach problems, wound care and diseases indeed it was largely consumed before meals to prevent the effects of alcohol and improve digestion.

Even today, cabbage is considered a food rich in beneficial properties and maintains the same qualities praised by the Romans. It strengthens the immune system, it has antitumor properties, it lowers blood pressure and the risk of allergies and it is good for your skin.

Among the various types of cabbage, I prefer the savoy cabbage. I recommend you to eat it raw to keep intact all of its properties and avoid the release of unpleasant smell which it emanates when cooked (due to the high sulphur content).

Today, I am going to prepare a vegan version of Coleslaw salad: fresh, crisp, flavorful and healthy!


  •  300 g savoy cabbage;
  •  1 red onion;
  •  2 carrots;
  • 100 g peas;
  • ½ red pepper;
  • 1 celery;
  • 2 table spoons white vinegar;
  • 4-5 table spoons vegan mayonnaise;
  • A pinch of salt.

Ingredients for the mayonnaise:

  • 100 ml non sugared soy milk;
  • 200 ml vegetable oil;
  • 1 table spoon lemon juice;
  • 1 table spoon vinegar;
  • A pinch of salt.


Mayonnaise method:

  1. Pour soy milk in a blender;
  2. Blend by adding oil, until soy milk gets thicker;
  3. Add lemon juice and vinegar and continue whisking;
  4. Add a pinch of salt to season;
  5. Put in the fridge and let it rest.

Method for the salad:

  1. Wash the cabbage and cut into julienne;
  2. Peel and cut into julienne carrots and onions;
  3. Wash and cut into julienne the red pepper and celery:
  4. Mix vegetables in a bowl along with the peas and add vinegar, mayonnaise and salt to season;
  5. Let it rest to cool in the fridge and then serve it.

My advice:

  • If you do not like the taste of vinegar to dress the salad, you can replace it with lemon juice.


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