Vegan Ice Cream Passion

Vegan Ice Cream Passion

With the arrival of the warm season, it’s impossible not to fall into the sweet temptation of a fresh cup of homemade ice cream.

After all, ice cream is one of the best known product that symbolizes the Italian tradition throughout the world, to the point of classifying its most illustrious leaders as masters in the art of ice cream.

In short, ice cream is a really loved frozen food, which all people of all ages enjoy and that can be considered as an integral part of everybody’s most fond childhood memories.

A new tendency

It is worthless to say that is not easy to give up ice cream for those who embrace a new philosophical cruelty free lifestyle. The exponential increase of the vegan community, especially among the youngest generations, has imposed, however, a new trend.

Hence the 2017 is definitely the era of “vegan ice cream passion”, since the art of ice-cream parlour has evolved beyond the classic soy ice cream, so far the only common alternative to milk. For this and other reasons, new tasty and delicious ice-cream varieties have been introduced.

So, let’s go wild with new ice-cream tastes, not only made by fruits, but also with more varied zest choices, with more attention to its raw ingredients.

Have a taste of….

It is needless to say that the challenge is also open to those who are sceptical or who will simply need to taste new ice cream trends, trying from the latest fashion of pistachio ice cream, made with delicious coconut milk to the magic of black chocolate.

And what about the new almond milk flour? The sweetness of this delicious nut creates a perfect combination with peaches, strawberries, cherries, and all kinds of Western or tropical fruits.

Don’t even miss packaged ice cream, like the latest vegan version of “Cornetto” Algida or the delicious irresistible ice cream bowls to share with family or friends.

If you are in London….

If you are in London I recommend you to visit Yorika, which is located in the central area of the City. Yorika offers dairy free, soy free, nut and egg-free ice-creams. A place where you can come and feel free to order anything despite allergies, intolerances, food choices or feeling guilty.



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Today I am going you to talk about Yorica, the first vegan free ice-cream parlour in Europe!

The main concept of Yorica is showed on its walls: all it’s entirely FREE-FROM.

In fact, Yorica ice-cream parlour offers a wide range of ice-creams free from eggs, milk, nuts and soy. The great idea which has contributed to open this great parlour is that all ingredients are totally free from animal products.

And that’s not all! Thanks to the choice of its ingredients, Yorica offers great, healthy and tasty ice-creams, milkshakes and fro-yoghurts.

WHERE IS IT POSSIBLE TO FIND IT?                                             

They have recently opened their first shop in the hearth of London at:

130 Wardour Street

The shop is well enlighten and walls are painted with light relaxing colors. If you are hanging-out in London, you can’t pass  further without stopping in Yorica to have a delicious ice-cream or milkshake!

Yorica shows itself as a very nice and comfortable place with its home-liking atmosphere and furniture. There are few seating and a nice counter. Ice-cream vary from the most classic, such as vanilla or chocolate, to yellow melon or lemon, and even red turnip!

Yorica comes as a great solution to taste a delicious, healthy ice-creams or milkshakes in the capital city.

More than ice-creams you can also try toppings: fresh fruits, chocolates, biscuits and much more.

I really can’t say there is something from Yorica which disappointed me! So, you just have to start your own “journey” in this great shop!

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