Vegan Basil Meatballs

Vegan Basil Meatballs

This morning I had a work date in the heart of Dalston. I think you have to find time, sooner or later, to visit Harvest, a café and organic food shop, overall my favourite. I recommend to stop here for a snack (there is a great and wide vegan choice) to quench your thirst with fresh juice while making a healthy and balanced food shopping!

Some mornings I stop to Harvest with my pc and I ask for a vegetable extract. I sit at the usual place, near the big window where you can watch the street and start your work. Sometimes I direct my glance outside the window and the scenery is always different: there are those who walk with a dreamy walk; those who cry; those who argue; those who are totally drunk at 10 in the morning; those who are running to take the bus; those who are sad, or those whose smile is infectious… So many people, so many stories in one way…

I come back home satisfied for my purchases, and with a great desire to go in my kitchen and start cooking what I had in my mind: vegan basil meatballs and tofu, a mix of freshness and goodness. At least vegan meatballs don’t call many ingredients, it is a dish that can be a good alternative to pasta, and reminds the flavour of Italian “gnocchi” (dumplings). I served them with a traditional tomato sauce and cooked for about 20 min, the I added traditional ingredients: garlic, extra virgin olive oil, organic tomato sauce, a few basil leaves and a pinch of salt.

The Recipe.

Ingredients for 2-3 people:

  • 200 g fresh basil;
  • 50 g spinach;
  • 2 medium size potatoes – boiled, peeled, and chopped;
  • 100 g tofu;
  • 4 table spoon whole wheat bread crumbs;
  • 20 g potato starch;
  • 20 g of durum wheat flour;
  • 1 onion-chopped;
  • 8 g extra virgin olive oil;
  • Some fennel seeds;
  • Just enough pepper;
  • Just enough salt.


  1. Fill a sauce pan with water that you normally use to cook pasta over a medium heat. When water boils add salt. (We cook meatballs with the same cooking method of pasta);
  2. Meanwhile, in a kitchen mixer add basil, spinach, tofu (try to eliminate all the water in its package) potatoes, onion, olive oil and blend them all;
  3. Put the mixture in a large bowl and add the other ingredients: durum wheat flour, potato starch, bread crumbles, fennel seeds, pepper, salt. Combine them together with your hands until the mixture is smooth, similar to that of the dumplings. If the mixture is soft, add breadcrumbs until you get the right consistency;
  4. Make small meatballs;
  5. Put a drop of oil in boiling water and add the meatballs;
  6. Cook for about 7 minutes;
  7. Switch off the heat and drain the pot into a colander. Pour the meatballs in a pan with the sauce you have previously prepared and cook for about 2 minutes;
  8. Serve warm with lots of tomato sauce

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