AMICO BIO: organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in London


AMICO BIO: organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in London

It’s already time in London for holidays and the city looks great. Visiting London during spring or summer makes it even more beautiful and attractive.
For this occasion I would like you to recommend a cool Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant, called AMICO BIO. This restaurant, of Italian origins, like its name suggest, has been opening in London since 2010. It has suddenly become a strong reference point, for Italians, but for Londoners as well.
Italian culinary tradition in London
This restaurant is special: here you do not eat only vegetarian and vegan foods. Dishes they serve are the result of the search for the best organic products, and this is one of the reasons why Londoners appreciate Amico bio.
Even cooking has its own relevance: the variety of dishes on the menu join the Italian culinary tradition. The chef Pasquale Amico strongly recognizes the importance to prepare dishes for vegan and vegetarians thanks  to his particular style of Italian-vegetarian cooking . All his ingredients are coming from his organic farm, settled in Southern Italy.
The restaurant reflects its menu: it is rustic, simple and intimate. You find it in a quite silent area of London.
In the restaurant, it is also possibile to buy some raw biological food, for cheap prices.
Here you are the address: Cloth Fair London EC1A 7JQ, UK.
Dishes are Always fresh hand-made, as the Chef Pasquale claims, and the menu offers a wide variety of fresh vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan dishes, created from season products.
So, if you want to enjoy a great culinary experience and the using of fresh products in London, you just have to stop and try its great delicious recipes.
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Vegan Indian, one of best veggie restaurant in London

indian-veg-london (1)

Vegan Indian, one of best veggie restaurant in London

There are really good reasons to have lunch or dinner at the Indian vegan restaurant. The array of vegan dishes is admirable. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday, they serve a traditional Indian dish, the “paneer curry”.

The all-you-can-eat buffet costs only 4,5 pounds, a very special price, indeed, in London. In this restaurant food is of good quality, and your dish are cooked freshly. This restaurant offers impressive Indian-style vegan dishes and there are a wide range of Indian spices and curries that come in vegan varieties.

Tasting Indian cuisine

For people visiting London, this is home to go for vegans and vegetarians. This restaurant is recognized as new and exclusive in presentation. If you are looking for a great oriental atmosphere, this is absolutely the right place to go! You can easily get there by bus or by underground. In the restaurant, the walls are covered in posters with Indian representations of culture and even healthy cuisine. There are also many quotes by different people who tried to become veggie alone.

There are actually 30 kinds of different dishes to enjoy. Most of them consist of vegan course and tasty sauces (you can choose a wide range of flavor). Many people have eaten in this restaurant and they say it has to be tasted to be believed!

Indian Veg since 1985

Indian Veg is the precursor of Indian vegan cuisine, when probably in Italy nobody have never heard about it, since 1985. although it should be said that Indian food is mainly based on vegetarian courses. Another thing that it is to be said is the wide range of beers available in this restaurant, for those who like to dine while enjoying a good beer.

If you are going to visit London, I recommend to eat in this restaurant. It is actually a good option for those who wants to spend not much and eat as much good food as you want.

Here is the address: 92-93 Chapel Market, Angel Islington, London N1 9EX, United Kingdom

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