The Japanese seasoned salt: gomasio

Gomasio_alternativa_al_sale_saluteThe Japanese seasoned salt: gomasio

Gomasio is the principal table condiment in macrobiotic kitchen. It can be used instead of traditional white salt and to season your food at table.

Even if salt flavours food, it leads to high risks of developing health problems. By the way, there are great alternatives to replace salt, which are healthier and even tastier than it.

This condiment is widely used in the Japanese kitchen instead of white sodium chloride of salt.

Better to avoid salt!

It is known that, using too much white salt can damage the heart, the aorta, and leads to high blood pressure. It also leads to serious cardiovascular diseases. One of the worst effect of salt on our bodies is about the ankle swelling.  In fact, salt retains water, and if you eat too much the level of fluid in human bodies may increase too high, and this leads to “edema”, including ankles.

The best solution seems to reduce the amount of salt you consume everyday. It is necessary to reduce, even avoid, the amount of salt you shake on your food. Generally, people succeed to avoid salt from their diets. 

Don’t be scared to give up with salt, because there are also valid dressings to replace traditional white salt, such as gomasio.

The secrets of gomasio

Gomasio is a natural seasoning, such as salt. You can It easily prepare it at home, since you can obtain it mixing different ingredients. Gomasio is generally made from the sesame seeds and salt, mixed up all together. 

Since, gomasio is part of the macrobiotic diet and we can use it as a healthier alternative to salt. Moreover, it is of very simple preparation to made it at home. The main ingredients are the following:  sesame seeds, Himalayan sea salt, freeze-dry celery, and seaweed. Recipes, of course, can vary and can be changed, according to personal tastes.

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