Mapping veggie restaurants in Milan



Mapping veggie restaurants in Milan

This great idea has a name: Bio Map, and it has been conceived for those who would like where to eat vegan food around Milan.

The main concept is to map a detailed list of shops at the nearest underground stop. In this way, people are learning where to stop eating vegan or vegetarian food. Moreover, all users can map, at every time, a new bistro, café or restaurant which is worth to visit.


The Bio Map project

Well, Italy is not only pasta, pizza and lasagna! There are also nice vegetarian and vegan all around Italian cities. I really hope this idea of mapping veggie bistros and restaurants will spread in all Italy, and, why not, even in Europe!

Furthermore, a very cozy and smart idea could be to publicize vegetarian and vegan restaurants on hotels’ brochures. In this way, anyone who likes vegetarian and vegan food could easily find the best (and nearest) place where to enjoy it.


Milan (vegan) tasting tour

Bio Map is the only way, at the moment, to map a list of the best shops where to taste food without animal ingredients, all around the metropolitan area of Milan.

Milan is the city where the attitude to good food trends (even vegan and vegetarian) is not an exception!Today, this city has become a pretty good food destination for vegans and vegetarians. So, don’t you worry to visit Milan and don’t know where to go if you don’t eat food with animal ingredients. You can tour Milan from top to bottom just by Bio Map and look for the best veggie restaurant options. Take your Bio Map (and underground tickets!) and go looking for vegan friendly restaurants!

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