Tofu vegan -Vegan Restaurant in London

Today Francesco, Noah and I we’re taking you to the restaurant @tofuveganlondon a very special place located at number 28 of N End Rd,NW11 7PT in Golders Green 📍London ,where you can have an amazing experience trough the sense of taste,smell and sight.

🌿As soon as we entered we got welcomed by Alex that let us a sit ,handed a menù and followed through the entire culinary process, explaining in details all the dishes and the best way to enjoyed them.
🍹While we waited for the food Alex served us some delicious fruit juices with ginger for the adults.

The menu refers to the Chinese culinary tradition reworked in a totally plant based key and characterised by the chef, that makes the dishes unique and very distinguishable from the classic Chinese cuisine we are all used to, in fact all the sauces as well are made in the house and give an authentic touch to the dishes.

🌿The thing that amazed us the most and stands out, in addition to the excellent service, the hygiene of the place and the presentation of the courses was the freshness and quality of the ingredients.
The menu has lots dishes to offer and we have tried a good part of them , from cold starters to hot starters , going to mains and soups and definitely the quality and balance of flavours has always been a constant at a high level.

🍽Among the many courses i particularly loved the “stir-fried water spinach with chilli and Schuan pepper” than ”wonton in house special sauce” ,the “sizzling fried tofu in a black bean sauce” and the “sliced fish in a sizzling chilli oil”.

Even little Noah seems to appreciated it, he got stuck on his chair for two and half hours to enjoy most of the dishes.
To make it short, it’s not a simple plant-based Chinese food but a real experience of hand made Asian cuisine, just thinking about it makes my mouth watering and I can’t wait to go there again.

✅If you are looking for the next dining experience, now you know where to go.
Surely you’ll be amazed!

🚴🏻‍♂️@tofuveganlondon is also on Deliveroo and UberEats as well.


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