Vegan burgers are very easy to prepare. They are crunchy, flavorful, natural 
and anyone could enjoy their naturalness. Who will resist the comfort of biting 
into them? 
Vegan burgers can be packaged fresh at home in different manners: from legumes
to potatoes ending with spinach and much more. Vegan or not, you will love them 
So, if made at home, they are by far the best testing: the secret is to use 
all fresh and natural ingredients. 
Today, I am going to show you how to make special Vegan burgers with potatoes 
and spinach.

Quantities are not specified. You can use more spinach or more potatoes, 
depending on your tastes. Remember that potatoes are good to bind all the 
ingredients together. 

–    Potatoes;
–    Spinach;
–    Breadcrumbs;
–    Spices (I personally suggest to bind together black pepper, some curry, 
sesame or flax-seeds). 


Boil some potatoes. Do not peel off potatoes before boiling or cut them. 
Potatoes peel holds all its good properties.  
Put some spinach in a frying pan with some Evo oil. Flat potatoes and mix them
with spinach in the pan. Add gradually spices. After this, shape the mixture 
into patties and flat them. 
Put them in the breadcrumb and place them on a backing tray covered with 
baking paper. 
Then, put in the over for 20 minutes, temperature: 200°.  
Enjoy them!

Some advices:
–    I usually serve Vegan burgers with traditional sesame bread, tomatoes, 
salad, some onion and Vegan mayonnaise (coming soon recipe);
–    Lemon, combined with spices, adds a very original taste;
–    Grill-cook you burgers for 5 minutes before baking ends. Turn them from side 
to side to avoid them harden. 
–    If you prefer more tender burgers, put some Evo oil on them before baking. 

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