Good morning people! Today seems that finally spring has come. 
I can feel warm breezes, temperatures are soaring and I can see clear skies over my head.
Apart from this, this morning I had lunch at ITsu. It is an Asian-inspired fast food shop and restaurant, situated in many areas of London. I was in Angel and I found it a new type of food place, where to eat delicious and low calories food when you are outside home.
Its menus offer different kind of vegan food. I ate a vegan soup, called Detox miso. I can say I am very satisfied of my choice. This soup is made of crystal noodles, shaved green leek, edamame and 2 vegetable gyoza dumplings in a veggie miso broth and it only costs 2.99 pounds.
Together with soup I sipped a 7 vegetable purifying juice. This juice is only made of raw vegetables, contains vitamins, and it’s unsweetened.
It costs only 2.95 pounds.
Food is hand-made, it contains low calories and it is very delicious! You must try it, believe me!
ITsu restaurant address: N1 Centre, 21 Parkfield Street, Islington, LONDON,N1 0PS
Enjoy your sustainable food! 

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