Vegans with eating disorders, a letter to the Italian broadcasting RAI

veganVegans with eating disorders, a letter to the Italian broadcasting RAI

Doctor Cinzia Murgia did not appreciate the last episode of “Pane Quotidiano”, transmited by the Italian broadcasting RAI last 25th May. According to dr. Murgia, there is a relationship of being vegans and related eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Cinzia Murgia, who is a gynaecologist, is currently studying at the Italian University of Marche, and she is also  interested in vegetarian nutrition. During the last episode of “Pane Quotidiano”, Dr. Murgia was very upset with RAI and sent a letter to the presenter of this broadcast, Mrs. De Gregorio, showing her total disappointment.

Here you can read an extract of her letter:

“I need to show all my disappointment to the last episode of “Pane Quotidiano”, broadcasted on May, 25th. During this occasion, Veganism and Vegetarianism were considered as related to eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. An  American clip, which sets up the story of a vegetarian dad and his son was also transmitted. The clip had the aim to highlight  the possible lack of nutritional facts, due to the fact that the little boy doesn’t eat meat. At the same time, television writers who were taking part of this broadcast conclude that the Vegan and Vegetarian diet isn’t safe, especially for children and pregnat women”.


Common (wrong) myths about vegan (unhealthy) diet…

Dr. Murgia is right, of course. On TV they only want to advocate what television writers want. Negative or erroneous messages are broadcasted everyday by local or international broadcasts. It is a common believe (for those who never tried to go vegan), that this trend is wrong or people become ill if they convert to this lifestyle. Many doctors, or simply people, declare vegan diets cause a deficency in vitamins and other nurishing facts. However, this, unfortunately, is the complete opposite of science!

The topic of meat eating can be very controversial and often become pretty discussed. especially by the media, including TV, radio, the web etc… The reason is that the main State TV sponsors are at the same time big food farmings which doesn’t promote any vegan lifestyle!

Switch off your televisions!

Switch off your televisions and admit television is not a great art is the best thing we can do! TVs have only harmful effects on people’s minds; moreover it would be hard to avoid TVs especially if you are a kid or a teen. However, it wouldn’t be difficul to avoid vegans to be misunderstood, since more and more people are showing an interest in vegan diets and their healthy and positive effects!

Finally, a vegan diet can be a much healthier way to eat and, in addition to the health benefits, following a vegan lifestyle and diet also provides many other physical benefits as well.

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